July 31, 2016

And the winner is...

Thanks to all who participated in my BLOG LAUNCH GIVEAWAY! Birthing a blog and then attracting an audience can be an arduous task. It is wonderful to see people like YOU showing up on my front porch! I do hope that you will come in for a spell, visit often, invite your friends, and share your own thoughts and experiences!

Without further ado, below is the individual who won The Primal Low Carb Kitchen cookbook! Congratulations! My husband blindly selected the entry from a basket. This person happens to be on Facebook, so I will be verifying the address and having the item shipped directly from Amazon.

Smiles, Karen



  1. I love this VERY INFORMATIVE post -- by the way, I received my book today....THANK YOU SO MUCH. I am going to try Wild Tree seasonings which my daughter has discovered. Putting my new book and my soon-to-try seasonings together should make a great pair!! I love the "ditty" below also KJ.

    1. Lynne:

      Thanks so much for this thank-you and for sharing your plans for the book and newly discovered spices! I really think you will enjoy your low-carb adventures.

      I just showed Barry and Brock a recipe for Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings! They are both enjoying the meals that we are having! This is a good thing.

      I'm thinking that, in your above comment, you are referring to another post on my blog — especially since this particular post was just about you winning. Please tell me what post your are talking about and what the ditty was about.

      Thanks, Karen

    2. P.S. Then again, this may just be your wonderful sense of humor!


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