August 4, 2016

Kebab-bab-babbing along...

Here in Idaho, the weather is windy, dry, and hot. Besides wishing that I could return to sunsuits, I am on a serious, and I mean SERIOUS, kebab kick! I cannot get enough! I even daydream about my next set of skewered sumptuousness! Even though our old barbecue is falling apart, Barry is not deterred! He creates something new and then babies those kebabs over just the right amount of heat.

We have had strip steak, chicken breasts, and shrimp thus far. (Pork sirloin is on the menu for this weekend.) The vegetables vary, but we never seem to omit the cherry tomatoes because they pop with flavor. I love the way juicy, crispy, savory, and sweet marry over the flames. And we must not forget the freshly chopped herbs sprinkled on top.

As I go kebab-bab-babbing along, please take a moment to share your favorite kebab combinations


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