August 13, 2016

Saveur Magazine

Saveur is my absolute favorite culinary magazine! It reminds me of Disney's It's a Small World—only in the warmth of an ethnic kitchen. The photos and personal perspective invite me into its pages, making me a mealtime guest.

Saveur's website shares the following...
This magazine truly speaks to people who are enthusiastic about creating artful cuisine. It explores the authentic cuisines of the world, tracks recipes and ingredients to their places of origin and illuminates their history, traditions and local flavors. In addition, it contains informative news about the latest in culinary trends, kitchen tips and techniques and a calendar of culinary events. If you are an adventurous eater who loves tasting all different kinds of food and exploring their heritage, you will love what Saveur has to offer.
This blurb describes me, too. I view myself as an "adventurous eater" and for the very reasons listed. Being raised on a traditional American diet left a plethora of exotic foods off of the shopping list. There are so many cultures, regions, and foods to explore; and Saveur inspiringly provides the transportation.

World cuisine recipes obviously include some grains and sugar, but most of Saveur's recipes can be easily modified with real food. It is true that using substitutes like almond or coconut flour will alter the texture of certain recipes. If done right, though, flavor will not be sacrificed.

The Saveur website is currently offering a year's subscription for $19.95—a 62% savings! However, I picked up a copy of their Summer 2016 edition at Barnes and Noble and the enclosed subscription card is a far better deal. For a 73% savings, you can subscribe for only $11.97! Plus, you will receive 2 gifts: Italian Classics Vols. 1 & 2.

♫ "It's a small world after all..."

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