September 24, 2016

Fat Sat | Grocery Outlet

Fat Sat will be a weekly Everlovin' Low-Carb feature. The post title is short for Fat Saturday and will feature LCHF (low-carb-high-fat) news, tips, and inspiration.

I now have a Grocery Outlet in my neighborhood. Being unfamiliar with the store, I immediately pictured heavily processed food. I was curious though, so I attended the Grocery Outlet Grand Opening. I was delighted to discover their NOSH merchandise (natural-organic-specialty-healthy), which includes many low-carb essentials.

I found plenty of products labeled gluten free, but nothing specifically identified as low-carb. Gluten free products usually replace the culprits with other carbs, so I read a lot of Nutrition Facts. I ended up scoring some quality goods at serious savings!

The only drawback of any outlet is the limited availability of products. Yet, I have seen many favorites reappear.

Here are some of the low-carb items that I have picked up at Grocery Outlet...


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