October 22, 2016

Fat Sat | Tasty Tidbits

In the spirit of keeping low-carb fresh and surprising, I am always searching out interesting products. If you miss bread or are hungering for a sweet treat, try these guilt-free products.

Mikey's Original English Muffins

There are some dreadful-bread-full counterfeits out there. Mikey's baked goods are a cut above. Their products are certified paleo; gluten, grain, dairy, and soy free; and they contain no GMO's. Think of their muffins, pizza crust, and sliced bread as a blank canvas for whatever you can imagine. Visit them HERE.

SkinnyMe Belgian Chocolate Truffles
Going sugar-free changed my relationship with chocolate, not my love for it. SkinnyMe confections are deliciously zero-sugar and low-carb. Utilizing stevia and erythritol, I can have my chocolate and eat it, too!

There will never be a real-food substitute that tastes just like white table sugar. SkinnyMe comes pretty darn close. Visit them HERE.



  1. Thanks for the tip on the Mikey's products. I'll stop by a store that sells them the next time I visit the Dallas/Ft Worth area. I never was a big bread eater, but I do miss not getting to have any, especially toast or crackers.

    My daughter tipped me off to the SkinnyMe brand when she was visiting recently. She picked me up a carton of SkinnyMe protein shakes at Walmart, when I was struggling with no appetite. She said they had the shortest ingredient list of any of the protein shakes on the shelf (a good thing), and that they were sweetened with stevia. They were good, too, so I trust that brand!

  2. This is good to hear, Renna. Like white table sugar, there is not going to be a bread product that is going to taste exactly like a fresh cut, cavernous piece of buttered sourdough bread. Yet, like you, I still enjoy having a platform in which to place nut butters, avocado and sprouts, melted cheese on tomatoes, etc. After not having bread for awhile, breads like Mikey's really do the trick.

    I also love short ingredient lists.

    Smiles, KJ


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