October 18, 2016

Tea for Tuesday | Harney & Sons

One benefit of living in Idaho is that I get to experience an actual fall! This is significant because I came from Southern California. Autumn is warm there. Here, our local mountains show signs of fall in August. By mid-October, our nighttime temps sink below 40˚.

Winter comes too early for my taste, so I cling to fall. I attempt to extract every possible flavor and comfort. One way of doing this is to surround myself with delicious, seasonal tea.

Allow me to share one of my favorite companies with you: Harney & Sons. I have happily consumed their products for over 15 years! Here are some autumnal selections, along with their own descriptions.

Pumpkin Spice | Harney & Sons

Harney & Son Description: Try our herbal tea celebration of autumn harvest time. A masterful blend of pumpkin and warming spices. This herbal tea brews a bright red and is light-bodied. Offered seasonally in limited quantities. Tin of 20 sachets. Each sachet brews a 12 oz cup.

Hot Cinnamon Spice | Harney & Sons

Harney & Son Description: Our most popular flavored tea worldwide, Hot Cinnamon Spice is an assertive blend of black teas, three types of cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet cloves. There's no sugar added. Try our Classic tin of 20 tea sachets. Each sachet brews a 12 oz cup. Caffeinated. Kosher.
Cranberry Autumn | Harney & Sons

Harney & Son Description: Ideally sweet and tart, our Cranberry Autumn is a black tea artfully blended with cranberry and orange flavors. You'll find it a full bodied brew that is exceptionally smooth and delicious in fall, or anytime if you're a cranberry fan. Tin of 20 tea sachets. Each sachet brews a 12 oz cup.

NOTE: Check back tomorrow for details concerning my TEA GIVEAWAY!

Teatime. Free time. Me time.

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