October 16, 2016

The Perpetual Tea Tray and Sugar

Green Pine Needle Cast Iron Teapot
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I resisted the low-carb lifestyle at first. My love for tea parlors made it hard to imagine high tea without scones, pastries, truffles, and mini sandwiches. I never added sugar to my tea, but carbs were a major component in everything else. I owned a handbook listing the tea establishments in and around California. I wanted to visit them all! I was off to a good start, too, until we moved to Idaho.

Since going low-carb, I no longer miss the sugar. I am content with a steamy pot of tea and a nibble of fruit or dark chocolate. However, I do miss the pomp of parlors—the indulgence and anticipation. So, it is my desire to recreate one of my favorite pastimes into something that is low-carb friendly.

I used to conduct workshops in retail settings. One of my favorite topics was The Perpetual Tea Tray. I challenged my guests to always have a tea tray prepared for the act of tea. Just add water! I then recommended changing the tray's themes to celebrate seasons and special occasions.

Stay tuned for my weekly feature: Tea for Tuesday. I will be expounding on the virtues of tea and teatime!

NOTE: The above photo spotlights some treasures that I have collected over the years. The pine needle cast iron teapot and mug are not only attractive, but they keep the tea warm. The napkin is from April Cornell. The bamboo tea tray was an exceptional deal from Grocery Outlet!

Teatime. Free time. Me time.


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    1. I do, too, Renna. I have a light purple one as well. I was telling Barry tonight that I am returning to my early love for forests, beaches, and bringing nature indoors. I even went to a John Denver concert way back when. There's something about pine needles...

      Rocky Mountain High,


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