December 11, 2016

Better Stevia

Beter Stevia Liquid Sweetener
I divorced sugar when I went low-carb. An accidental bite of sugar is now overpowering. Yet, I still crave an occasional treat that is sweet-but-not-sugary. This sounds like a kooky contradiction, but it really isn't.

My memories are bookmarked with delectable desserts. No social gathering was complete without a table where desserts were as decorative as bouquets and crepe paper streamers. There was great anticipation and guests were humming approval. Sweets were a reward, a crescendo!

Well, I am not willing to give up the pomp and indulgence of a sweet treat. It just takes some tweaking. While it is true that no sugar substitute will ever taste exactly like white table sugar, there are some great alternatives.

Better Stevia has become one of my favorite real-food sweeteners. Their website states that "BetterStevia® is the zero-calorie, organic stevia sweetener that's simply better than sugar and other alternative sweeteners." I agree. Although many substitute sweeteners have a bitter or minty aftertaste, I think this natural sweetener mimics sugar the best.

I am currently experimenting with the 3 selections above. Other flavors include: Liquid Coconut, English Toffee, French Vanilla, Lemon Twist, Pomegranate Blueberry, Tropical Fruit, Organic, Original, and Gycerite (alcohol free). These can be purchased directly from Now Foods or on Amazon. Many health stores carry a limited line. A little sugar substitute goes a long way.

Counting my blessings,


  1. Right now, I'm using Sweet Leaf stevia, but when it runs out, I'll give Better Stevia a try. The only thing I use it for is to sweeten my coffee. I've not tried making sweet treats out of it.

    1. Renna... Sweet Leaf is good, too! I'm making Brownie Bark tonight. It is in the eBook that I featured here several days ago. That recipe uses Swerve — another product I like, especially in baking. Check out that eBook. 😊 Karen

  2. I didn't realize the e-mail address I receive follow-up comment alerts to is one I rarely think to check, so I'm just seeing this. I'm so glad I saw it today, as I'm nearing the end of my bottle of Sweet Leaf (lasts me forever, just using in my coffee). I am going to try the Better Stevia this next time, and I'll check out that eBook, thanks!

    1. My stevia lasts forever, too. Once table sugar is not running the show, it doesn't take much stevia to do the trick.

      I'm happy to hear from you!


  3. Yes, once those sugar cravings are gone, it's amazing how we can live our lives and not crave and consume it every day!


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