February 20, 2017

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

We all get sidetracked in a grocery store, especially when it is important to stick to our goals. I regularly don my earbuds and plug into a low-carb podcast while I shop. The facts, advice, interviews, testimonies, and latest news keep me excited and focused. I am less inclined to purchase something that is not beneficial.

My iPhone is loaded with low-carb, keto, and paleo podcasts. Before upgrading my iPhone, I used the Stitcher Radio app. I began having issues with it and switched to the Overcast: Podcast Player. I have not returned to Stitcher since the upgrade, only because my Overcast app is organized and performing beautifully!

Consider these low-carb suggestions . . .
  • Jimmy Moore's "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show", "Keto Talk", and "Fasting Talk"
  • "Low-Carb Conversations"
  • "The Ketovangelist Podcast"
  • "Ketovangelist Kitchen"
  • "The Paleo View Podcast"


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