April 28, 2017

Fat is Back and it's Epic!

If you have never tried a sweet potato—flash-fried in duck fat—it is time to explore. Fat translates mundane into FUN-dane! It nurtures our brains and bodies back to how they were meant to function! (There's that "fun" word again.) Fat is fuel to burn and flavor to love!

I cannot imagine returning to a blasé, low-fat diet. Can you? Healthy fat is the key ingredient to low-carb satiety, pleasure, and weight loss success! After consuming enough healthy fat, I can go for hours without being hungry!

I just ordered this fatty trio from Amazon. Epic's Animal Cooking Oils Variety Pack (featuring 1 Beef Tallow, 1 Pork Lard, 1 Duck Fat) takes delicious to a new level! It is perfect for baked goods, roasted or sautéed veggies, and fabulously flaky pie crusts. Check it out HERE.


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