April 14, 2017

Shelf-Help and Instagram


Having spent 53 years in Southern California, I never had the impetus to take on spring. Compared to Idaho, seasons tend to blur into one another. After a record-breaking winter here, which included 9 snow days, I was understandably eager to be productive. (We even had snow this morning.)

One project was to reorganize my 2-tiered Lazy Susan cabinet. When I began low-carbing, I did an initial purge, but there were still some culprits. So, I emptied the shelves and reordered my low-carb life. I was quite pleased with the results and it seemed to reinforce my progress and continued determination. 


Everlovin' Low-Carb is now on INSTAGRAM! I have had a personal account for some time. Although I share low-carb adventures there, most of my followers are friends and Hipstamatic enthusiasts who are not into LCHF. So, I created everlovinlowcarb. You are welcome to join me there. I will follow you, too. You can also connect with me on my Facebook Everlovin' Low-Carb Page.

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