May 3, 2017

Kebabs are back, baby!

Finished Elk Kebabs

We were given a well-used barbecue about 4 years ago. Owning one had never been a priority, but we eagerly welcomed it. Barry loves to cook, so it was no surprise that he quickly crowned himself Grill King. Even when the grill began to dump embers and ash onto the patio, he persistently created barbecued feasts.

Barry prepping his new grill...

We now have a new BBQ to play with—a joint gift for Mother's and Father's Day! It is a modest but sturdy grill. Barry is admittedly more domestic and rarely dabbles with assembly! Yet, he invested 5 hours into putting it together and emerged triumphantly! 

Elk Kebabs Before Grilling

Barry's second BBQ mission consisted of elk kebabs. Living in Idaho has fringe benefits! Barry delivers frozen food to rural areas. His customers often tip him with wild game and freshly laid eggs. This energizes my husband's grilling ambitions. The finished product has us drowning in drool!

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