May 21, 2017

"The Plant Paradox" by Steven R. Gundry, MD

Unlike diets with set meal plans, my low-carb lifestyle gives me leeway to experiment and make connections between various foods and their effect on my body. When my weight loss slows down, it is often a signal that something is not beneficial. 

I have been allowing small amounts of peanut butter into my diet. I have no known food allergy and it seemed harmless. Yet, I am observing that my intestinal happiness is compromised after consumption.

I was listening to The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore. In Episode 1254, Jimmy interviewed Dr. Steven Gundry, MD, a heart surgeon, about the effect some plants are having on our health. Their conversation introduced me to the danger of lectins and the importance of polyphenols. 
Definition of lectin: of a group of proteins especially of plants that are not antibodies and do not originate in an immune system but bind specifically to carbohydrate-containing receptors on cell surfaces (as of red blood cells) 
Lectins are the part of a plant's protective system that was never supposed to be eaten by humans, let alone animals. In fact, they are meant to dissuade consumption.

Unfortunately, once lectins are consumed, they wreck havoc on our bodies. Modern diets have steered us away from leafy greens, nuts, moderate meat consumption, and berries. Instead, we favor grains, starchy vegetables, and sugar. Many of the plants we eat consistently are the culprits behind our weight gain, lack of energy, and chronic health issues.

I groaned when I heard some of the offenders. No surprise, peanuts are big problems, which explains my own issues with them. When I heard some of the other lectin-loaded foods, I was thinking, what's left? My low-carb lifestyle has already removed a lot of items. Nevertheless, my overall goal is to lose weight while regaining health and vitality. My ears are open.

Dr. Gundry has a lengthy video that spells everything out for us. He does offer supplements at the end. Whether you are interested in those or not, there is much to learn from his presentation.

Click on => Suffering From Low Energy? 

If you are interested in Dr. Gundry's book, simply click HERE.

Also, check out the doctor's "Brand New Food Pyramid" HERE.

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