June 6, 2017

Cruisin' and Losin'


I reached a 40 pound weight loss marker before leaving on my cruise to the Bahamas. "You'll want to cheat on the ship," my dad advised me. I confidently responded, "I have no desire to cheat." 

Ah, what a feeling! My goal is to eat scrumptious, satisfying low-carb food and arrive home slimmer!

I am presently sipping a St. Arbucks iced latte on the 15th level pool deck. I pushed my shaded lounge chair up against an observation window. The pool is crammed with soggy guests. I am content to bask in the balmy breeze and admire the vast Atlantic.

It has not been difficult sticking to a low-carb regime. There is no temptation or "special-treat" reasoning. The low-carb cuisine is so delicious and plentiful that any feelings of deprivation have been quelled. 

Again, my goal is to slim down while maintaining my lifestyle and using the ship's stairs. I believe!

Cruisin' and Losin',

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