June 22, 2017

Moon Cheese

Moon Cheese

The low-carb, keto community on Instagram is a wonderful resource for discovering new products. Any item that is trending will begin to appear in individual posts. One such product is Moon Cheese. The ingredients read "JUST CHEESE". Think about it. We are not only used to multiple ingredients in products, but there is usually a list of harmful additives. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to new products or popular businesses, Idaho is not the quickest gun in the west. I have lived here for 6.5 years. In this time period, we have introduced only 1 Trader Joes and 1 Whole Foods to Boise. Granted, I do not shop much at Whole Foods (mostly because of cost), especially since I am a member of the Boise Co-Op. 

One Instagram gal mentioned that she found Moon Cheese at Target. I checked my local store and struck out. (I will be investigating Walmart tomorrow.) In the meantime, I just received a 3-pack of Moon Cheese directly from their website. The bags are only 2 ounces, but the contents are most delicious! They feature the flavor and crunch that we are used to in empty snacks, but without the carbage and garbage!

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