June 22, 2017

So, how did I do?

Allure of the Seas | A typical cruise breakfast.

With my Caribbean cruise over, I have paused to evaluate my eating and energy expenditures. I stated in a previous post that my cruise goal was to eat low-carb and still lose weight. I know, vacations and weight-loss do not often occur together unless there is an illness. I was perfectly healthy. So, how did I do?

Shrimp Cocktail | I ordered this each night.

  • I passed on grains, alcohol, sugary beverages, and dessert.
  • Every meal consisted mostly of low-carb veggies and meat.
  • With 17 floors on the ship, I chose to use the stairways on many occasions.
  • I danced to top hits and Caribbean music.
  • I did a great deal of brisk walking.
  • My clothes fit loosely throughout the cruise.
  • I did not experience bloat until after I flew from Florida to Idaho—which was mostly due to the flight and extra water consumption.

  • Our evening meal in the dining room was pre-scheduled for 8:00 PM. We were eating the main course at 9:00 PM. For best weight-loss results, I need to eat earlier.
  • Small amounts of potatoes were allowed from time to time.
  • I drank occasional Starbucks breves.
  • There was so much meat to choose from! I admit to consuming a little more than usual.
  • I got less that 8 hours sleep for the duration of the cruise. We had early morning island tours and I enjoyed being in the jazz lounge until at least 12:45 AM.


I gained 3 pounds which are quickly disappearing as I return to a normal schedule and lifestyle. I am quite pleased with myself. I was never deprived, my energy was great, and I did not miss the things I chose not to eat.

Allure of the Seas | Mahogany Black Cod
(whipped parsnip, baby bok choy,
and mustard sauce)

Allure of the Seas | Final breakfast...
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