July 13, 2017

2 Low-Carb Summer Tips

Welcome to my 100th post here at Everlovin' Low-Carb!

Tip #1

Summer salads are an excellent way to cool off. I love the organic spring and herb salad selections available at the market. They pack a noteworthy amount of nutrition. I do not like, however, how these salads become limp and flat once the dressing is added. To solve this problem, I mix in freshly chopped iceberg lettuce. The salad is crisper, has more crunch, and fills me up faster.

Tip #2

Do not allow your favorite low-carb foods to become mundane. Always be looking for ways to liven them up. For instance, I made the 90-Second Microwave Paleo Bread yesterday. I revamped the original recipe by using duck fat, Salish Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt, and Bragg Organic Sprinkle. These were simple changes, but they provided a real treat at mealtime.

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