July 28, 2017

Are you more geeky or nerdy?

Let's be playful for a moment. Have you ever labeled yourself as a geek or a nerd? Generally, we like to name our passions, if for no other reason, just to feel normal about having them. Yet, are geek and nerd interchangeable and which one do we use?

I have freely employed both words until I discovered that some people have strong feelings about their use. This graph helped make sense of it. Although I relate to a few things on the right side and do not identify with some items on the left, I clearly find myself in the realm of geekiness. I am outgoing, happiest around people and whatever connects me to them.

For me, low-carbing certainly qualifies. So would blogging and writing poetry. I also steer toward social media, culture, items handcrafted from nature, Apple products, Etsy, eBay, vintage, and so on. Anything that captures my enthusiasm could be listed.

Where do you find yourself? Feel free to share with me under COMMENTS.
SOURCE: slackprop.wordpress.com/2013/06/03/on-geek-versus-nerd/

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